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KEA IoT Product Award

2020년 12월 31일 업데이트됨

fash\on awarded IoT Innovative Product 2020 by KEA(Korean Electronics Association).

fash\on awarded KEA Innovation IoT 2020. Got support on manufacturing our product and service experience during last 6 months. Also we were invited to KEA Innovation Booth at KES(Korean Electrics Show) 2020.

Thanks to KEA, fash\on has completed on developing MVP by Dec. 2020.

And now proudly presenting our product service starting from KES and CES.

We are now officially open to any collaboration from market and players.

If you have any questions or interests on our product experience, feel free to contact us.

Email – fashion.on.info@gmailcom

Website – https://www.fash-on.store

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_2_aP3xfFIDjupwya3oiQ